RECOUNT TEXT: Last Minute Holiday

(Note : checked by grammarly)

If I have to describe my holiday, in short, I would go with the word: last minute. My family originally had no plan on going on a trip this time around and I actually had the internship program scheduled for the whole month, but the place I’m supposed to intern in gave me zero information about the program. So, I was planning on being a couch potato until new year came since I had no choice but to laze around the house anyway.  Out of the blue, my Dad said we are going on a new year trip. He and my brother prepared all the things, like hotels, transportation, and itinerary in one day for a 6-days trip. And that’s how we ended up exploring the beauty of Indonesia from Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, to Bali for this impromptu(?) holiday.

We catch a plane to Bali before continuing another flight to Labuan Bajo with a smaller plane for 2 hours. I didn’t expect much, but the moment we went for a (very short) city tour, I was amazed by the breathtaking view. Endless blue sea, bright sky, and green dry fields along the ride to the hotel. I spent the day just sitting under the shade on the beach reading books and taking short naps from time to time. It felt like heaven with sounds of birds and waves. Plus, I was (extremely) satisfied by the amazing wifi service on the beach. As a big fan of seafood, the food here is just wonderful.20161228_141508.jpg

The next day, we went to Komodo Island by wood boat for 4 hours. We can actually ride a speed boat there, but my Dad chose the wood boat for the experience, well he said so. Komodo Island was pretty much dry, but meeting the komodo is one amazing experience. They look just like a big lizard, but something about them was mesmerizing. The way they move, sleep, eat, mate, I learned a lot about them. After that, we went snorkeling around the pink beach (yes, the sand really is pink), it was so pretty, definitely recommended for a holiday!


Last days of 2016 were spent in Bali. We went to Ubud to experience green life for a day, it was pretty cool, I actually like it. As I planned on being a couch potato before (but the plan got robbed jeez), I ended up laying around in the hotel room doing nothing but munch on snacks and watching tv. New year’s eve was great, my brother and I strolled around Kuta beach to watch the firework at midnight. One thing that I regret is that I didn’t get to swim. Hm.


I have to say I’m very much satisfied by the trip. Although I got sick of eating seafood for a few days, and my skin got really tanned that my Mom can’t stop complaining. I would love to go back to Flores, and explore the rest of the island (with a speed boat this time, yes). Definitely on top of my bucket list.




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