Descriptive Text: Green School Bali

Green School at 3.30 PM

Sounds of shoes hitting the pebbles accompany the loud chattering of the students as they exit the classes build from bamboos. Iced lemon teas are served with traditional sweet snacks on the side. Sweet but slightly sour aftertaste of the fruit tea refreshes the tired body under the dim sunlight of the afternoon. Cold drinks and the breezing wind are a match made in heaven. The mini tour around the school starts as we begin to separate into two big groups of twenty students. Small clicking sounds come out of the kitchen right next to the lounge we are sitting in as the cooks are wrapping up for the day. The smell of delicious foods fills the whole place when we get closer to the kitchen while the guide explains how the palm oil is the key to every food in served in the school. The big crystal stone in the middle of the school is one of the most amazing things that we’ve ever seen. When the sunlight hits the clear stone, we can see the complex structure on the inside. It amazes us that it stays cool under the hand even if fires are set on it. Traditional music rings from behind the big bamboo door right in front of the kitchen as the walk continues. Various kinds of plants from big trees to small bushes lines up on the side of the road as we walk down the hill. Mud field, greenhouse, fish ponds, and small gardens raise our curiosity while we follow the guide around the school area. The distinct smell of bird food starts to spread as the bird cages come into view. Chirping sounds of the infamous Bali Starling catch our attention before the big bamboo bridge that connects the Green School to the village snatch our eyes. Ripple sounds as water flows down the river under the sturdy bridge gives a sense of peace that motivates us to climb the hill again. A cow is eating calmly under the shade of the bamboo house on the right, a neighbor to the chickens. As the walk continued, the big bamboo building is suddenly right in front of our eyes. It looks amazing, made out of only bamboos, with a number of names carved on its side. The wind is blowing calmly and we enjoy a very peaceful afternoon in Bali.


Green School in the morning (when it suddenly rains)

It was a peaceful morning. Chirping sounds of the birds answer the clucking sounds of the roosters. The distinct but sweet smell of early morning and the warm sunlight were like a perfect combination of toast and a cup of coffee to start the day. Rippling sounds of the river under the sturdy bamboo bridge only add the sense of calmness that morning. The weather didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look friendly either. Under the cozy sunlight, a woman was seen crossing the bridge with a group of boys. Loud chattering and laughs were heard as they climb the hill together hand in hand. They sat in a circle inside the big bamboo building. A guy was eating his sweet cornflakes, another boy drank his hot tea, one was playing with soft plushies, and the rests were either sleeping or running around. A man in his forty approached the boys to greet them a simple good morning as he proceeded to sweep the dry leaves that get in the way. A group of girls came next, greeting the man in return. They ran around the school area, coming closer to the big crystal stone sitting lonely under the shade of the trees. Even under the sunlight, the clear crystal kept its cool under the hand. The teacher called the girls as the class was about to start. Excited yells and curious questions were a total opposite to the sudden group of dark clouds crowding in the sky. The school turns lively but so did the sounds in the sky. Growling thunders came after the surprising attack of the blinding lightning. The girls were hugging each other as the teacher smiled at them. Comforting the scared kids with a cup of sweet hot chocolate to warm their hands. As the rain started to pour down, it was cold but calm. Small palms were opened under the rain together, curious to feel the water running down their little hands. The smell of damp soil and wet grass was a great way to start the day even with the pouring rain.


“The Rise and Rise of Social Media”: Draft 2

For the past ten years, people have experienced sending letters to pagers to phone calls to actually seeing faces real time even when thousands of miles apart. Technology is continuously growing and so do the internet and social media that connects people by opening the doors that separate countries all over the world.  However, with more doors opening, lines are seen no more. Some people crossed the line because they feel like the social media is their home now and choose to ignore the real world they live in. Is it a good choice to join social media? Or is it doing more than good? So, why social media? The answer is right in your hand.

Social media open doors that separate every individual in this world, as it connects people. Everyone can go as easy as knocking on their neighbor’s house to know what are they doing but social media made it even easier for everyone. Simply by going to their home profile to check their latest posts or just by hitting them up on chats. Thanks to social media, it’s now a piece of a cake. It seems as if we can see everyone in real time from social media. Some people have gone through meeting their childhood friends with the help of social media, they believe, it helps them bring back old memories and make new ones. Even recent data shows that more elderly are signing up on social media to contact their friends from years ago. Social media, in fact, is not only for young ones, but ranging from people of generation x to z. And they have done an extremely good job in connecting people.

Furthermore, just like how social media connects people, it also connects individuals to the world in real time. Anyone gets to read the breaking news just seconds after it happens. And that is a big help for the world with how things are going on now. For example, everyone can see the war happening in Syria. Pictures of dead bodies, kids crying, and even videos of bombs exploding. It opens people’s eyes and it moves their heart to send help to these people in pain. Campaigns are held to give these victims of war a better life. It is all easier by the help of social media. Everyone is aware of their surrounding even miles away and good deeds are done too, simply just by checking into social media. There are people in need of help in every part of the world every day, and with social media, we can offer it to these people, be it a physical support, material support, or mental support. If everyone uses social media for good things, it is easy to spread and builds peace in this world.

However, not everyone is using social media for good purposes only, as cybercrime is something that everyone should be careful of. Stalking, scamming, identity theft, or even abduction is possible. As more doors are opened, more victims are counted. The problem with social media is that it is too easy for someone to join it. Faking identity is simple, so ‘bad guys’ of the internet can just easily do their thing. Everyone have to be very careful and pay more attention while interacting with strangers on social media. It is not that different from the real world. As social media is also getting more ‘real’ too. So, is that the only bad thing about social media? Well, no it is not, unfortunately.

In addition to cybercrime, social media can also change how people mind works, into a more negative way. First, it is bad when someone gets addicted to social media. They tend to be positive in the real world and forget about their priorities as they chose to ignore the reality. Next, social media gives the impression of how living the perfect life is the only thing that matters. Seeing friends going on a holiday, celebrities partying, or just someone popular showing off their designer bags and dressed with ‘pricey’ stuffs from head to toe, for some people, a feeling of jealousy and negative desire to have the same thing to brag about on social media might comes out unknowingly. It seems as if they believe that social media is only for people to brag about their glamorous lifestyle. They left out the ‘realness’, only to act fake on social media. When everyone actually experiences bad and good things in life. It gives a bad impression for kids to pursue and chase over the luxury, fame, and fortune life. Some people who can’t afford it might resort to doing anything just to achieve the lifestyle. It is sad to see that happen to some people, that some end up cyberbullying others.

In conclusion, social media, in fact, has its own black and white. It connects people with one another and also with the surrounding environment. And yet, at the same time, social media can’t help but support the activity of cyber crimes, cyber bullying, and promotes bad lifestyle to some people. It is the choice of the user of social media to use it only for good things or to join the bad apples of the internet instead. It is important not to let everything on social media influences us as an individual. So, is it a good choice to join social media? Or is it more harm? Again, the answer is right in your hand.


(Notes: checked by Grammarly)

English Weekly Journal : Week 17


I think it’s better if I post my journal for week 17 now since I’m still in the mood. I still have homework to do later, like biography, biology, and chemistry. Let’s fight procrastination, shall we?

Week 17 felt really short for me, not sure why. We had text type quiz and TOEFL listening quiz too. Plus, the teacher gave a short brief about what will we do for the next 2 weeks.

On Monday, the first English session for the week, we did another TOEFL listening practice. The main highlight of the day was the text type quiz, though. The teacher gave us a few minutes to do a last minute study on text type from the summary paper we made the other day when other groups were doing their presentation. Honestly speaking, I can’t memorize anything so I’m low key expecting an average result this time. The problems were about the characteristics or key points of each text types.

On the second session, on Wednesday, we had the TOEFL listening quiz. I don’t know why, but I scored a good result for the listening quiz this time. I think it was because we had practice before on Monday. I’m still not used to it, though hehe. Let’s just hope I can keep this up.

For the next two weeks, we will still have the listening practice as usual, if I’m not wrong. But two weeks from now, we will have a speaking test in the second session of week 19. Each of us will do a 3 minutes speech in front of the class. We can’t bring cue cards or anything and I’m honestly worried (I’ve always had a hard time with memorizing). The teacher said it’s good to use the Bing Bang Bongo technique to keep it structured since it’s a planned speech. I chose the topic ‘To me, success in life means . . .’ for my speech. Not sure why, I guess I just found it interesting. Now, I have no idea what to talk about, though. I’ll search for it later. I feel like sleeping right now 🙂

Week 17 was very hectic for me. Thank God I survived through it. Thanks for reading my journal and have a nice day!



English Weekly Journal : Week 16


It’s the end of the week and I have plenty times to work on my late journals hehe. If I’m in the mood then I’ll post about week 17 directly after this. Well, it’s time to work! Chop chop!

From what I remember nothing much happened in week 16. We had the same old TOEFL listening practices, which I had a hard time with, and a simple activity to learn about topic sentences. Oh, and the text types group presentation session too.

Just like the previous practices, the TOEFL listening practice was still hard for me. I’m not sure whether it was because the room was small so the sound was a bit “stuffed” (okay how am I supposed to explain this, let’s just say it’s kind of resounding(???)) or was it because I probably had problems with my hearing. I don’t know, let’s just hope I can do better in the next quizzes to come.

We also did a small activity to study a bit about topic sentence. Topic sentence is the sentences that talks about the main idea of the paragraph, usually it’s in the start of the paragraph, the first sentence. It is important to learn about topic sentence, because using it in writing a long article is a very big help for the readers to summarize the whole piece without needing to read it over and over again. It was quite fun, we were given few problems about topic sentences from a website, if I’m not wrong. I’ll search for it again later, when I have time, to practice my skill.

I had the presentation for the text type this week too. Believe it or not, my partner was absent for the whole week. She was away on a camping trip (?) to Jogja. In the end, I had to do the presentation alone and since I didn’t really understand the characteristics of character portraits, I didn’t talk much hehe. Oh, when other groups are giving their presentation, we had to write the points of each text types on a piece of paper too.

I had so many things to do that week that I can’t really remember much today hehe, sorry. Have a nice day everyone!

English Weekly Journal : Week 15


For this week, we continued working on the Small Change article, listening quiz, and started a new topic about Text Types.

If you read my posts starting from around 5 to 6 weeks ago, you might wonder why we haven’t finish working on the article yet. The thing is, writing an article is not an easy thing to do, more like writing in general. It’s not only brainstorming and the you write it down. There are steps you need to do to make it a perfect piece of writing.

To make a perfect-planned-structured writing, it all starts with brainstorming the ideas. When you know the big theme of the writing, it’s easy to brainstorm the ideas and make the topic more focused on one thing only. In this case, my Small Change article talks about the reward and challenges in starting a new business. Using mind map can be a big help for brainstorming. The next process is outlining the paragraphs, your ideas are arranged in points on each paragraph. Next is to do the drafting, you write the article based on the outline. Followed by the revising and editing process. Check the grammar, capital letters, and punctuation marks used in your articles. Using online grammar checker can also be a big help. After that is proofreading, read your revised article from start to finish. Peer proofreading is also a way to help you write as your friends can make a comment on your writing. After all the process, the last thing to do is, of course, publish the writing. Be it on your blogs, magazines, or anything.

In short, the process goes like this :

  1. Brainstorming ideas
  2. Outlining paragraphs
  3. Drafting
  4. Revising and Editing
  5. Proofreading
  6. Publishing

We were supposed to do the peer proofreading for the Small Change article this week, but some of us forgot to print out the article. So, Ms.Evi had no choice but to postpone it.

This week, we also start a new topic on Text Types. We learned about Letters, Diaries, Autobiography and memoirs, Biography and character portraits, Articles and features, Reviews and writing to comment, Speeches, voice-over scripts, and debates, Promotional texts, and Campaign Literature.

We did a project, we had to make a mind map about one of the text types and make it prettily. My partner and I got biography and character portraits. This is how our mind map looks like. I think it’s quite pretty!

Actually, we had to do a presentation about our topic in front of the class. But the time was up right before my turn, plus my partner was absent that day. So, I had to do the presentation on the next week.

Oh, I almost forgot about the listening quiz. We had the TOEFL listening quiz this week, I was not confident at all about my results, out of 8 questions I got 2 wrong answers. I had a hard time since we only got to listen to the recording once because it is a quiz and not just a practice. I hope I can do much better next time.

Week 15 was fun although I was really busy. I hope I can continue to work on improving my writing, listening, and speaking skills. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!


English Weekly Journal : Week 14


I’m back after 10 days. It was a very hectic week for me and I can’t be more grateful that I get to rest now. Jeez, although I still have a math test for tomorrow and my friends said it was really hard, so yeah I still need to study after this. For week 14 we were told to bring our typing device. Yes, again, I had to bring my iPad for the class. This week is still all about the Small Change article and grammar checking. Plus, another TOEFL listening practice session.

Week 14 was not much different with the previous week, we’re still working on the Small Change article. This time, after finishing the draft, it’s time to check the grammar. As I said multiple times before, I had a hard time with using the right grammar. Plus, my article was done only in three days, so I wrote anything that came up on my mind.

Mrs. Evi, my English teacher taught us how to use an online grammar checker, there were some, but Mrs. Evi herself uses Grammarly and it actually looks very easy to use. We were told to try it on our own typing devices. The thing is, I used an iPad, and it’s more or less just a bigger version of a mobile phone. Unfortunately, the grammar checker needs to be downloaded and it’s not mobile friendly. Yep, I had no choice but to try it at home on my computer. The iPad was heavy enough and I brought it for nothing 🙂

We also had the listening practice session this week. One thing that I noticed is that the TOEFL listening practice is harder than the IELTS one, for me personally. We had to listen to a quite long conversation or a monologue, anything, a long one and the person on the recording was talking really fast and I had no idea what they were talking about. Thank God, Mrs.Evi let us listen to the recording one more time so I got the points to answer the problems. Can’t imagine how I will do on the real test later.

Week 14 was fun. I need to work more on learning grammar properly so I can write better articles. Using online grammar checker is quite a big help for people like me who had only basic skills on using grammar. Also, more practices for the listening test is a good thing. Thanks for reading my journal. Have a nice day!