Descriptive Text: Green School Bali

Green School at 3.30 PM

Sounds of shoes hitting the pebbles accompany the loud chattering of the students as they exit the classes build from bamboos. Iced lemon teas are served with traditional sweet snacks on the side. Sweet but slightly sour aftertaste of the fruit tea refreshes the tired body under the dim sunlight of the afternoon. Cold drinks and the breezing wind are a match made in heaven. The mini tour around the school starts as we begin to separate into two big groups of twenty students. Small clicking sounds come out of the kitchen right next to the lounge we are sitting in as the cooks are wrapping up for the day. The smell of delicious foods fills the whole place when we get closer to the kitchen while the guide explains how the palm oil is the key to every food in served in the school. The big crystal stone in the middle of the school is one of the most amazing things that we’ve ever seen. When the sunlight hits the clear stone, we can see the complex structure on the inside. It amazes us that it stays cool under the hand even if fires are set on it. Traditional music rings from behind the big bamboo door right in front of the kitchen as the walk continues. Various kinds of plants from big trees to small bushes lines up on the side of the road as we walk down the hill. Mud field, greenhouse, fish ponds, and small gardens raise our curiosity while we follow the guide around the school area. The distinct smell of bird food starts to spread as the bird cages come into view. Chirping sounds of the infamous Bali Starling catch our attention before the big bamboo bridge that connects the Green School to the village¬†snatch our eyes. Ripple sounds as water flows down the river under the sturdy bridge gives a sense of peace that motivates us to climb the hill again. A cow is eating calmly under the shade of the bamboo house on the right, a neighbor to the chickens. As the walk continued, the big bamboo building is suddenly right in front of our eyes. It looks amazing, made out of only bamboos, with a number of names carved on its side. The wind is blowing calmly and we enjoy a very peaceful afternoon in Bali.


Green School in the morning (when it suddenly rains)

It was a peaceful morning. Chirping sounds of the birds answer the clucking sounds of the roosters. The distinct but sweet smell of early morning and the warm sunlight were like a perfect combination of toast and a cup of coffee to start the day. Rippling sounds of the river under the sturdy bamboo bridge only add the sense of calmness that morning. The weather didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look friendly either. Under the cozy sunlight, a woman was seen crossing the bridge with a group of boys. Loud chattering and laughs were heard as they climb the hill together hand in hand. They sat in a circle inside the big bamboo building. A guy was eating his sweet cornflakes, another boy drank his hot tea, one was playing with soft plushies, and the rests were either sleeping or running around. A man in his forty approached the boys to greet them a simple good morning as he proceeded to sweep the dry leaves that get in the way. A group of girls came next, greeting the man in return. They ran around the school area, coming closer to the big crystal stone sitting lonely under the shade of the trees. Even under the sunlight, the clear crystal kept its cool under the hand. The teacher called the girls as the class was about to start. Excited yells and curious questions were a total opposite to the sudden group of dark clouds crowding in the sky. The school turns lively but so did the sounds in the sky. Growling thunders came after the surprising attack of the blinding lightning. The girls were hugging each other as the teacher smiled at them. Comforting the scared kids with a cup of sweet hot chocolate to warm their hands. As the rain started to pour down, it was cold but calm. Small palms were opened under the rain together, curious to feel the water running down their little hands. The smell of damp soil and wet grass was a great way to start the day even with the pouring rain.