“The Rise and Rise of Social Media”: Draft 2

For the past ten years, people have experienced sending letters to pagers to phone calls to actually seeing faces real time even when thousands of miles apart. Technology is continuously growing and so do the internet and social media that connects people by opening the doors that separate countries all over the world.  However, with more doors opening, lines are seen no more. Some people crossed the line because they feel like the social media is their home now and choose to ignore the real world they live in. Is it a good choice to join social media? Or is it doing more than good? So, why social media? The answer is right in your hand.

Social media open doors that separate every individual in this world, as it connects people. Everyone can go as easy as knocking on their neighbor’s house to know what are they doing but social media made it even easier for everyone. Simply by going to their home profile to check their latest posts or just by hitting them up on chats. Thanks to social media, it’s now a piece of a cake. It seems as if we can see everyone in real time from social media. Some people have gone through meeting their childhood friends with the help of social media, they believe, it helps them bring back old memories and make new ones. Even recent data shows that more elderly are signing up on social media to contact their friends from years ago. Social media, in fact, is not only for young ones, but ranging from people of generation x to z. And they have done an extremely good job in connecting people.

Furthermore, just like how social media connects people, it also connects individuals to the world in real time. Anyone gets to read the breaking news just seconds after it happens. And that is a big help for the world with how things are going on now. For example, everyone can see the war happening in Syria. Pictures of dead bodies, kids crying, and even videos of bombs exploding. It opens people’s eyes and it moves their heart to send help to these people in pain. Campaigns are held to give these victims of war a better life. It is all easier by the help of social media. Everyone is aware of their surrounding even miles away and good deeds are done too, simply just by checking into social media. There are people in need of help in every part of the world every day, and with social media, we can offer it to these people, be it a physical support, material support, or mental support. If everyone uses social media for good things, it is easy to spread and builds peace in this world.

However, not everyone is using social media for good purposes only, as cybercrime is something that everyone should be careful of. Stalking, scamming, identity theft, or even abduction is possible. As more doors are opened, more victims are counted. The problem with social media is that it is too easy for someone to join it. Faking identity is simple, so ‘bad guys’ of the internet can just easily do their thing. Everyone have to be very careful and pay more attention while interacting with strangers on social media. It is not that different from the real world. As social media is also getting more ‘real’ too. So, is that the only bad thing about social media? Well, no it is not, unfortunately.

In addition to cybercrime, social media can also change how people mind works, into a more negative way. First, it is bad when someone gets addicted to social media. They tend to be positive in the real world and forget about their priorities as they chose to ignore the reality. Next, social media gives the impression of how living the perfect life is the only thing that matters. Seeing friends going on a holiday, celebrities partying, or just someone popular showing off their designer bags and dressed with ‘pricey’ stuffs from head to toe, for some people, a feeling of jealousy and negative desire to have the same thing to brag about on social media might comes out unknowingly. It seems as if they believe that social media is only for people to brag about their glamorous lifestyle. They left out the ‘realness’, only to act fake on social media. When everyone actually experiences bad and good things in life. It gives a bad impression for kids to pursue and chase over the luxury, fame, and fortune life. Some people who can’t afford it might resort to doing anything just to achieve the lifestyle. It is sad to see that happen to some people, that some end up cyberbullying others.

In conclusion, social media, in fact, has its own black and white. It connects people with one another and also with the surrounding environment. And yet, at the same time, social media can’t help but support the activity of cyber crimes, cyber bullying, and promotes bad lifestyle to some people. It is the choice of the user of social media to use it only for good things or to join the bad apples of the internet instead. It is important not to let everything on social media influences us as an individual. So, is it a good choice to join social media? Or is it more harm? Again, the answer is right in your hand.


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