English Weekly Journal : Week 17


I think it’s better if I post my journal for week 17 now since I’m still in the mood. I still have homework to do later, like biography, biology, and chemistry. Let’s fight procrastination, shall we?

Week 17 felt really short for me, not sure why. We had text type quiz and TOEFL listening quiz too. Plus, the teacher gave a short brief about what will we do for the next 2 weeks.

On Monday, the first English session for the week, we did another TOEFL listening practice. The main highlight of the day was the text type quiz, though. The teacher gave us a few minutes to do a last minute study on text type from the summary paper we made the other day when other groups were doing their presentation. Honestly speaking, I can’t memorize anything so I’m low key expecting an average result this time. The problems were about the characteristics or key points of each text types.

On the second session, on Wednesday, we had the TOEFL listening quiz. I don’t know why, but I scored a good result for the listening quiz this time. I think it was because we had practice before on Monday. I’m still not used to it, though hehe. Let’s just hope I can keep this up.

For the next two weeks, we will still have the listening practice as usual, if I’m not wrong. But two weeks from now, we will have a speaking test in the second session of week 19. Each of us will do a 3 minutes speech in front of the class. We can’t bring cue cards or anything and I’m honestly worried (I’ve always had a hard time with memorizing). The teacher said it’s good to use the Bing Bang Bongo technique to keep it structured since it’s a planned speech. I chose the topic ‘To me, success in life means . . .’ for my speech. Not sure why, I guess I just found it interesting. Now, I have no idea what to talk about, though. I’ll search for it later. I feel like sleeping right now 🙂

Week 17 was very hectic for me. Thank God I survived through it. Thanks for reading my journal and have a nice day!